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Do you have an interest in working with Safe Skies LLC?
At Safe Skies, we're in the business of helping the traveling public secure their luggage. We love what we do - we have a lot of enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. Our goal is to be the biggest and the best in the TSA lock business.
Government Security Agencies
Are you a government security agency, outside of the United States, responsible for airline checked baggage screening?
Safe Skies™ luggage locks are on sale all over the world, and our technology is patent pending worldwide. Safe Skies™ luggage locks have passed through your security agency's jurisdiction and your baggage screeners need access to Safe Skies™ locks to complete their security inspections. We want to work with your agency. All that your baggage screeners need are the proper tools from Safe Skies LLC.
We have a solution in mind for you. Find out how Safe Skies LLC is providing security agencies worldwide with the tools and training to open Safe Skies™ locks at no cost to your agency.
Luggage Manufacturers / OEM Solutions
Are you a luggage manufacturer or other large organization that has OEM TSA lock needs?
At Safe Skies LLC, our business revolves around catering to our customers' needs. Safe Skies LLC has an "open" system: we do not charge any licensing fees to use our TSA-recognized locking system. Customers simply purchase Safe Skies™ locks directly from us.
If your organization has special needs that are not met by products sold by Safe Skies LLC or our distributors, then we want to hear from you. We will do our best to ensure that you get what you need at a competitive price.
We are passionate about TSA locks and we will work closely with our customers to custom design innovative luggage locks.
Become a Safe Skies™ TSA Liberty Locks™ Distributor
Are you interested in distributing Safe Skies™ TSA locks?
Since we are the original source of Safe Skies™ TSA locks, we can offer extremely attractive, mutually beneficial business opportunities.
Do you have a special business partnership in mind?
We are seeking partners worldwide with a solid marketing plan, management savvy, strong financial potential, and a strategic intent that compliments our own.

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TSA certified Locks
Recognized and Accepted
by the United States
Transportation Security Administration
Zurich Accepted
Recognized and Accepted
by Kantonspolizei Zurich and
Zurich Airport Customs Inspectorate
TSA certified Locks
Recognized and Accepted
by Canadian
Air Transport Security Authority
TSA certified Locks
Recognized and Accepted
by Her Majesty's
Revenue and Customs
AUS accepted
Exclusively Recognized and Accepted
by Australian Customs and
Border Protection Service
Germany Accepted
Accepted and Recognized
by German Customs
Germany Accepted
Accepted and Recognized
by New Zealand Aviation Security Service
Germany Accepted
Accepted and Recognized
by Israel Airports Authority